Wednesday, 11 May 2016


If you haven't already seen my Instagram feed feel free to check it out! This is where I regularly post my original content be it photography, illustration, design or flower crowns. Not to mention a little bit of travel imagery from some of the exciting places I've visited.

Friday, 6 May 2016


Styling and Party planning by Esther-Faith
Photo's taken by party goers using their phones
Featuring two Rose Tinted Flower Crowns worn by Esther-Faith and Ashleigh

So Esther-Faith is clearly the girl of the moment here on Rose Tinted Blog. Last post was her impeccably styled wedding captured by Stephan & Nakita  Photography and now her backyard birthday celebration.

I just adore bohemian styling when it comes to fashion, lifestyle and décor and this little soiree is just a lovely combination of all these things. Esther-Faith is a visionary with a brilliant eye for pulling things together. Not only that but she has a good way of bringing people together with her friendly nature and infectious laughter.

If you have an upcoming celebration that you would like assistance with in the overall look and vibe, feel free to contact Esther and she can let you know details :

Tuesday, 26 April 2016


Photography: Stephan & Nakita
Florals: Rachel Barber
Makeup: Olivia Davies and Al Tucker
Bride's gown: Leanne Day

So although I have crafted many different lovely flower crowns, I must confess that these are still my favourites! A lavish combination of ruby reds, burgundy, seashell pinks, apricots and creams in an array of wild flowers set upon eucalyptus. It was such a delight to create such a challenging and creative design brief from Esther's wild, beautiful imagination. I searched many stores to find the most stunning silk blooms. I looked for orchids, hydrangea, poppies, a peony bud for the feature of the brides crown, wild berries, blossoms and basically anything native and lush.

Can we just dwell for a second on how impeccable those bouquets are? I am still in complete awe on just how well they compliment the flower crowns. Let's be honest they are more exquisite, they have to be. Real flowers are always going to be more beautiful. When paired with those luxurious beaded champagne/gold gowns... oh my! Esther's breath-taking lace gown was custom created by Leanne Day who did a wonderful job. Esther raves about her skills and how great she was at achieving her vision! 

As you can tell Esther-Faith has an incredible eye for detail. Keep watching as I am about to post images of her recent bohemian birthday soiree which she styled like a pro. I started making that particular post and then realized that I HAVE to show you the images of her wedding first because it's beyond stunning.

Please head over to the website of Stephan & Nakita Photography (who are dear friends of mine) to see more images of this darling wedding. Keep an eye out for the gorgeous illustrated stationery designs by Ashleigh Meyer who was a bridesmaid (loooong mermaid hair, swept to the side).

Noteworthy mention is that it was also recently featured in New Zealand Weddings Magazine; Autumn issue, April 2016. If your in NZ, be sure to pick up a copy!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Isn't it just absolutely gorgeous when Mama and Babe match? I created these custom Rose Tinted flower crowns for these two beauties to wear at young Khloe's first birthday party. So adorable! Seriously cute! I may have shrieked in delight when I saw this image captured by Kristine's brother.

This woman has a heart of gold and it was such a pleasure corresponding with her via email. She's the kind of person that I instantly clicked with as we bonded over ballerina tulle skirts. She's a joyful, creative and beautiful soul.

Thank you Kristine for asking me to craft these crowns, it brings me great happiness to see them in use.

Friday, 1 April 2016


So I realize I don't exactly post on this blog all too frequently. It's mostly due to access problems as I'm currently living in China. I also share the lap top now with my husband who loves to spend his free time with technology. That or we're watching movies/ TV shows. However I normally have my phone handy and I regularly pinning away on my pinterest boards.

If I could Pinterest for a job, that would be the dream. I find it so therapeutic and inspiring as a creative being. It keeps me on top of all latest trends in fashion, food, décor, design, illustration and photography. Plus I just loooove images. I feel like when I pin an image, the content becomes my own to look at as I please. So I may not own all these pretty dresses, but I can see them easily and admire how other people style them.

My boards are fresh and feminine with a colour palette that exists mostly in white with injections of pink. There's also a plethora of flowers cause well, they're my favourite. The images I pin really reflect my personal style and what inspires me.

If you are interested in keeping up with my own photography, illustration and design as well as my handcrafted flower crowns, look no further than my Instagram. Here I only post original content of things I've created.

Thursday, 10 March 2016


Script lettering by Ashley Bird

This invitation suite was for the beautiful wedding of Ashley and Nathan. They just celebrated their one year anniversary. You can see their wedding photos by the talented Nicole Liley (Paton) Photography here. Or you can even see the engagement photos I took in this post.

The design for this suite was a collaboration between myself and the bride. She has the most beautiful handwriting and was able to render all the script elements throughout the design of the entire wedding. There's something really personal about knowing that someone has written each guest's name by hand. Especially if that someone is the bride.

I painted the floral elements onto grey card. We kept it simple using white blooms; anemonies and lily of the valley with lush green accents. The wording was written by the couple and we chose to use wording in the place of numbers because that's just so much cooler.

I love designing invitations, so if you have any queries please contact me at rosetintedillustration@gmail,com

Sunday, 6 December 2015


Photography: Emily Millay
Makeup: Karisa Tondo Kramer

It's always a real treat to see my custom flower crowns come to life on a gorgeous bridal party. It's also a real joy to get to know my clients as we consult over colours, flowers and designs. I can tell you that Leann is an absolute gem with a real friendly nature. I think her bright smile is evident of this fact. And so she should be ecstatic. She had been with her beau Mike for over 8 years before they tied the knot! Don't you just love a good love story?

She is an absolute visionary and I just love how the look pulls together so beautifully. Those stunning gowns combined with the most incredible bouquets. It's enough to make you sigh.