Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Photographs by Stephan & Nakita

I like you, I'm in like with you, I treasure you, I cherish you, I adore you, I LOVE YOU! I can't stop falling in love with you.


Photographs by Stephan and Nakita

Words cannot describe how much I love this man. He is my dream man. I still have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure this is real. Three amazing years full of love and adventure.

This part of the photo shoot was a little more bridal influenced. Since our wedding, my tastes have changed immensely in terms of style. I've done some work for an event styling company and it has opened my eyes to all the possibilities of how beautiful a wedding could look. This was a wonderful way to document a style I wish I had back then now. This isn't what we wore, that much I wouldn't change. I loved my wedding dress and my Mum handmade it which makes it extra special. Though I would have also loved to wear a soft blush pink which is my favourite colour.

I would have loved peonies in a wild trailing bouquet like this, but they weren't in season. I put this bouquet together with some help from Nakita using some stolen greenery from neighbouring gardens. The flower crown is a Rose Tinted piece that I made to go with my dress. A big thanks to Eloise, my wonderful sister-in-law for curling my hair. I loved how Louis looked so handsome in his grey suit with a tweed blazer.

These are such swoon worthy images and I love them! Thanks Stephan and Nakita!


Photographs by Stephan & Nakita

I love him so much! Today marks our third anniversary and I can't believe it's been three years since we said I do. Our journey has been truly amazing, and I couldn't imagine anyone better to do life with.

These photographs were taken by our good friends Stephan & Nakita in the place we currently call home. We love living here together next to a little field and two great trees.

Monday, 14 April 2014


You know you love a band when you can listen to their 5 song EP on repeat dozens of times over and over. The Soorleys are a family band made up of four beautiful sisters, two of their handsome husbands, and one dapper boyfriend. The good-looking and talented group also have great style in their wears, not just in their music.

I discovered The Soorleys at Parachute Music festival (which has sadly has just had it's last festival) in 2013 through a recommendation of my sister Melody. She said "They dance around on stage, and sing with maracas and many other instruments. Plus they dress cool, you'll like them!" And I did! The second image is of them performing this year on the deluxe stage. Even though their lead singer Beth was very pregnant, it didn't stop her from dancing and having fun!

A couple of songs from their EP have real significance to me, and when I listen to those two songs it brings me close to tears of both joy and sadness.

This song I think is based on a bible passage in the Book of Ruth where Ruth tells her Mother-in-law after her husband has passed away "Where you go, I will go and where you stay I will stay. Your people will become my people and your God, my God." Although it speaks of a daughter and mother relationship, this song speaks to me more of a love relationship between husband and wife. It's lyrics, say "I've built a home for you my love, four walls surround my heart." and then it goes on to sing "Where you go I'll follow, my home is where you are." To me this relates to my life in the current, as my husband and I prepare for a new adventure. One for which he is more enthusiastic about than I. It will push me far out of my comfort zone, which I know is important for character growth and to build a better story for our lives. Alhough it's daunting and it scares me, I will go where he goes because he has my heart. That is home.

The Soorleys wrote this song about an adventurous friend that lost his life in his explorations. It's a song of tragedy, but also of hope of a new life spent in heaven. Tuesday the 15th April (tomorrow) marks the day where 6 students and 1 teacher of Elim Christian College (my former school), lost their lives in the Mangetepopo River Gorge Tragedy in 2008. These students were the year below me, and it was such a devastating loss for such a small school community and of course the families and loved ones. I remember the day after when the bus came back from the camp to the school. I watched as a good friend, carried his younger brother's bags with eyes full of tears. Still one of the saddest things I've seen. The lyrics of the song sing "So they packed his bags with his family there, and took a brother home to heaven." I start to well up when I think about it. In all the tragedy and loss, there was also a great deal of hope and inspiration from these young lives. The songs goes on to sing a hopeful tune using lyrics inspired by the great Dr. Seuss "Oh the sights you'll see, the places you will go." It speaks of Heaven.

On a lighter note, the other songs on the album are fantastic for dancing. I learnt a new word today:
Tarantism: (n) overcoming melancholy by dancing; the uncontrollable urge to dance.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Photography : Amber Gray
Marie Claire China

I'm in love with these ultra feminine photographs by Amber Gray for Marie Claire China. Inspired by the high tea parties of Downton Abbey, this very lady like fashion story captures the glamour of the show. A show I watch mainly to swoon over the costume & set design. The soft lavender colouring is just so pretty. I love the styling and I wish I could eat those macarons! There's a little bit of a mad hatter vibe going on here too, but a ladies who lunch re-telling. Complete with fine china, delectable treats, and beautiful designer garments, this is a tea party I'd love to attend!

Monday, 7 April 2014


Rose Tinted Photography

I love finding beautiful silk flowers to make into unique flower crowns! I've been making quite a few recently in preparation for the upcoming craft market I'm participating in. I've also had a few custom orders for some pretty ladies! Flick me an email or facebook message me for information on how to get your hands on your own handmade flower crown by Rose Tinted!